31 January 2013


big sister F calls because she was worried about us in the storm. then the subject comes around to her and moms investigation. have i ever seen sara go out with men or with girls? did she ever come on to me? so im sick of this shit and asked her if she ever thought that the two of us could be fucking up a storm while the 3 of them are playing csi.  one of the few times a mctavish girl was ever speechless. :D

she thought i was kidding but i bet shes already on the phone to mom and middle sister S. i bet they have a conference call set up. :D


  1. So this is how you're going to come out? You're going to let them speculate until they confront you or both of us? We're going to be on that "Intervention" show soon enough. :D

  2. this whole bullshit with facebook and having to have multiple pages to avoid the morality police got me thinking. im sick of sneaking around like a criminal to be me. if nothing happens until after school is over ill come out then. if they ask me about it before im not goign to deny it. if they dont like it too bad.

  3. Hope everything goes right. -L