Sara meets Baby Part II

I was a bit surprised Baby was waiting where she said she would be.  We both had morning classes and we were off the rest of the day.  Before leaving her dorm room this morning (after a shower and borrowing underwear and a t-shirt from Baby), we decided to rendezvous in front of the bar where we met last night.  I thought it would be the last time I saw her after we said goodbye and I’d resolved not to wait if she wasn’t there when I arrived.  I might be a tough chick but my heart breaks just as easily and my feelings can be hurt too.  I can’t deal with being played for a fool any more than any other woman.  Those thoughts disappeared when I saw her.

Baby smiled at me and I returned it but it was awkward.  “I didn’t think you’d be here,” I said as we walked to the subway.

“I didn’t think you would be either,” she replied.  “I was here ten minutes early in case you went directly for the train.”

We gazed at each other for a long minute but nothing more was said until we got on the subway and the half hour that passed on public transportation was filled with nothing more than small talk, about school, the weather, our families, anything but what we’d done the night before.

“What do you do for a living?”  Baby asked when I pulled my car in the spot in front of my condo in Jersey City.

“I work for a high-end personal security firm,” I told her.

“You’re a bodyguard?”

“Yes,” I said as we got out and headed for the front door.  “Stairs or elevator?”

“Stairs,” she smiled.  “I’ve done too much sitting.”  Baby regarded me as we took the four flights.  “You don’t look like a bodyguard.”

“That’s the idea,” I told her.  “I cover myself as an employee or as just another face in a crowd.  A lot of rich and important folks don’t like a muscle head that looks like the Hulk hovering around; bad form and all that.  People lower their guard around me and they generally wouldn’t expect I’d be the one to put a pistol to their head if they get squirrely.  I’ve also done some corporate espionage work because at parties lips get loose, especially around some Asian bimbette who speaks Pidgin English,” I gave her a wink.  “It’s nice that I understand Japanese too.”

Baby laughed as I stuck the key in the door.  “That’s bad.”

“It’s business,” I replied.  “Don’t drink so much if you’re going to run off at the mouth when you’re loaded.  If I got some information for one of my clients by just hanging around sipping a glass of wine, it serves you right.”

“I guess,” she giggled as I swung the door open and her eyes widened.  “It’s so … empty.”

“I didn’t have much reason to unpack anything but the essentials,” I told her as I motioned her to the worn out loveseat in the living room that I bought from St. Vincent’s second hand.  That, my flatscreen, and my bed were the only furniture I had in the three-bedroom condo I bought when the Air Force and I parted ways three months previous.  A wooden crate once used to ship rifles was the coffee table.  Of course there was a coffee maker and some of the kitchen essentials. I couldn’t get myself in the mood to hang a picture or decorate either.

Baby gave me a worried look.  “And you thought I might be suicidal?  How long have you been living like this?”

“What are you, some shithouse shrink?”  I growled at her.

“I have a minor in psychology,” she shot back.

“Ah, the next Freud,” I said sarcastically.  “Or do you fancy yourself as Jung?”

“You’re not in Iraq anymore, Sara,” she said softly.  “You don’t have to live like a soldier.”

“So you’re saying that anytime now I’ll go to my gun safe, chamber a round in my pistol, and blow my brains out?”  I laughed.

“Why did you want me to hurt you when we had sex last night?”  She pressed.

“You’re way off base, Baby,” I shook my head, once again annoyed that I let her get under my skin.  “Did you ever think that because I have to be the tough bitch all the time, I might like to be submissive in other areas of my life?”

“We have to decorate,” she said, ignoring me while walking around the place, looking at all the rooms.  “And paint,” she added.  “This won’t do.”

“Where the fuck do you get off, Princess?”  I barked at her.  “This is my fucking house and if I want to live like this it’s none of your business.”

“Do you have any visitors?  Any friends?”  She ignored me again.

“I have friends,” I said.

Baby gave me a look as if she thought I was bullshitting her.  “What does your mother say?”

“She hasn’t been here,” I admitted.

“Damn it, Sara,” she said, frustrated.  “I’m the only one who’s ever been here, right?”

“Yeah,” I said and I felt my eyes get moist.

“And you thought I needed help?”  Baby laughed at me.

It was about all I could take and I spun on her.  “Why don’t you go fuck yourself, you little rich bitch,” I screamed at her.  “I didn’t bring you here to judge me.  Why don’t you just go back to Hyde Park with mommy and daddy and leave me alone?  Sorry I don’t have servants and a butler and an entourage to tell me what a wonderful little fucking princess I am but I’ve been through more than you’ll ever know so your little pampered ass can live in luxury and freedom.  Just get the fuck out,” I pointed to the door.

“Fuck you,” she shot back.  “You need me.”

“I want to fuck you, that’s about it,” I yelled.  “And I don’t want to do that anymore either.”

“I wouldn’t let you fuck me in this glorified foxhole anyway,” Baby hissed.  “You’re nothing but a psycho bitch that’s going to kill herself as soon as she realizes no amount of pain can ever soothe the demons.”

“What do you know about demons, you pretentious little shit,” I spat.  “You want to know about demons?  I can tell you stories that would give you nightmares for a week, Cinderella.”

I didn’t expect her to slap me across the face.  “My name is Baby, you crazy whore,” she slapped me again.  “And I live in Croton-on-Hudson, not Hyde … fucking … Park,” she slapped me as she said each word and I fell to my knees, tears streaming down my cheeks.

“Just get the fuck out,” I cried.

“So you can get drunk and shoot yourself as soon as I leave?  You’ve got to be kidding.”

“You think I’d kill myself over you?” I laughed though my tears.  “What do they put in the water up there?  When I write my memoirs, you’ll be just another one night stand.  Get out, Baby.”

“No,” she hissed and grabbed me by the hair.  “Throw me out, tough bitch.  You’re one of them who knows fifty ways to kill someone with their bare hands.  Do it.  Subdue me and throw me out, kill me if you want, but you’re going to have to do it.  I’m not leaving otherwise.”  She yanked my hair for effect. 

I just stayed there on my knees, crying, humiliated by this intelligent young woman who presumably had some power to see into my soul.  Baby knew what to say to hurt me, to force me to go someplace I hadn’t wanted and was scared to death of.  “You can’t do this to me, Baby.  I’m not ready to face some of the ghosts yet.”

Baby yanked my hair again.  “So you want the pain?  Do you want your fix so you don’t have to look too deeply inside yourself?  Do you want to suffer so you can reconcile what you had to do in the war with your conscience for a little longer until you pull the trigger?  How much pain can you take, Soldier Sara?”

“I …” I was at a loss and she dragged me back to the master bedroom by the hair. I followed on my hands and knees.

Baby stopped when we got to the foot of the bed and slapped me a few times on the back of the head, lifting me to my feet.  “Get undressed and get on the bed,” she pointed to the one luxury I allowed myself, my king-size bed.  After ten years of sleeping in military barracks, tents, aircraft, and on the ground under vehicles, I finally wanted to sleep comfortably.

“Yes, Baby,” I said softly, afraid to look in her eyes on the chance she might uncover some other secret I hadn’t planned to share with this beautiful stranger.  I pulled the t-shirt off and undid my jeans after kicking off my shoes, leaving them and my underwear in a pile.

Baby barely waited for me to finish before shoving me onto the bed.  “Lie there,” she ordered and I got on my back, head on my pillow.  “Spread your legs,” and I did.  She looked me over almost disgustedly, circling the bed once before undressing herself.  “I’ll fuck you any way you want me to, Sara,” she said flatly as she stood at the foot of my bed, the beautiful porcelain doll.  “But you’re going to do what I tell you to get your life back together and you’re not getting rid of me until you do.”

“Why?”  I asked as she put one knee on the bed.  “You’ve never been with a woman.  You’ve only been with one guy.  Why … why me?”

“Because you took the time to care about me last night,” she explained as she came closer to me.  “You might have been horny but you made sure I would be okay and you stood by your promise not to come on to me.  You’re a good person, Sara, and I feel … I don’t know …” she crawled on top of me and our lips met.  Our tongues danced together and I brought my legs around her as we kissed, holding her to me.  We stayed like that for a while and I lost myself in her, as if the two of us were on our private cloud, anything past the edges of the bed unreal and inconsequential.  If I thought she needed me last night, I needed her more this afternoon.  I reveled in her touch, in the softness of her lips and her caresses; needless to say, my hormones were on fire.

She parted from me and pushed herself up, kneeling between my legs.   “I want to do for you what you did for me last night,” Baby said.

“Come up here,” I said.  “Sit on my face so you can eat me too.”  She turned around and squatted over my face, lowering her pussy onto my lips.  I kissed it lightly and she let out a contented sigh.  “Do to me what I do to you,” I told her.

“Okay,” she breathed as I put little bites on her pubic area before tracing her slit with my tongue and she mimicked my actions.  “You’re so wet,” Baby said.

Of course I was, she just slapped the shit out of me and I enjoyed the little demon in her that I unleashed last night.  I knew the little psychological game she was playing to get me back into the real world and I’m smart enough to know she was right.  We’d deal with that after.  At the moment, I brought my arms around and caressed her ass, spreading her cheeks so my tongue could reach her anus as I felt her spread my labia and suck my clit between her lips.  “Slap my clit,” I ordered and she did.  “Harder, damn it,” I said when she started, getting harder with each slap.  “Oh god, Baby …” I moaned as she slapped my pussy faster and harder.

I went nuts then, throwing her off me and down on her back.  I reached in my bag and pulled out my best friend for the last few months.  I turned the vibrator on and straddled her face while my fingers went to her clit.  Putting the vibrator in my mouth, I lubed it with my saliva before handing it to her.  “Put it in my ass,” I demanded as I buried my face between her legs.

“Like this?” She asked as she found my tight hole and I relaxed.

“Yeah, just like that,” I said as she penetrated me.  “As far as you can,” I moaned and went back to licking her clit, she doing the same to me.  I tickled her asshole with a fingernail while she pounded mine and I could feel her tense, her body starting to shake.  Removing the fingertip from her ass, I put it inside her dripping slit, and then another and she brought her knees up, her toes curled.

“Oh shit …” she whimpered as her climax approached.  “Yes … yes … oh shit …” and as her essence flowed over my hand, she clamped her legs around my head, trapping me there.

Baby held my head firmly between her thighs and I had trouble breathing but I didn’t care.  I could taste her nectar and smell her essence and my mind believed I’d reached Nirvana.  She went back to work on my ass, pushing the vibrator deeper into me and then pulling it out, the same rhythm, over and over while she bit at my labia.  I was making some sort of noises as my face was pressed between her legs but I didn’t recognize them in my oxygen-deprived dreamland.  All I knew was my ass felt as if it was being ripped apart and the pain from her bites on my pussy felt almost as good.  It was the only part of my body that mattered anymore as I basically hung there limply.  Baby shoved the vibrator all the way into my ass and bit down on my clit and my loins exploded, wave upon wave of pleasure in my near-lifeless body making me convulse.

“Fuck …” I thought I heard myself scream when I couldn’t take it anymore and she released my head, the cool, crisp air filling my lungs.  Baby placed soft kisses on my pussy lips, flicking her tongue occasionally when she was near my clit, making me jerk uncontrollably from the little ripples of pleasure.  “God …” I moaned again when she pulled the buzzing machine out of my ass for the last time and shut it off.

Baby gently helped me off her and I lay there in the fetal position, still shaking, still twitching when a little wave would manifest itself out of nowhere.  She came up behind me, spooning me, supporting my head with one arm while the other draped over me. I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t do anything and I had no idea how much time had passed as we lay there.  The feeling for me was of being in my mother’s arms, soft and warm.

“Are you okay?” Baby asked me.

I nodded and managed to get out “yeah.”

“We need more toys,” she said softly and I laughed.  “We do,” she insisted.

“Do you plan to hang around?” I asked her through dry lips.

“As long as you paint and decorate this place,” she laughed.  “I’m not going to let you turn into Jethro Gibbs.”

I had to laugh at that too.  “You like NCIS?”

“I love Mark Harmon,” she admitted.

“Ziva,” I said.

“Figures,” she swatted me.

An Abba tune started playing at the foot of the bed and Baby jumped up.  “My phone,” she pulled it out of her jeans and brought a finger to her lips telling me to be quiet.  “Hi, daddy,” she said, giving me a wink.  “Yeah, sorry, I’m with a friend in Jersey.  I’m thinking of moving out of the dorm, out of the city, and she has three bedrooms to herself,” she stifled a giggle.  “Yes, I know it’s Jersey, daddy, but she’s ex-military and she’s taking courses at the school.”  She rolled her eyes as she listened to him.  “She was in Iraq, dad,” Baby continued.  “Sara will keep me safe.”  She listened to him for another minute.  “Yes, I’ll text you as soon as I ask her.  Thanks, daddy, tell mom I’ll call her later.”  She disconnected and looked up at me.  “He wants to know where to send the rent check.”

I was a bit overwhelmed.  “You’re moving in?  When did we agree to that?”

“When we decided we both needed each other too much,” she came back to me and kissed my lips before whispering in my ear.  “Now take a shower and get dressed so we can make this barracks room look like a place where two women live.”

“What does your dad have against Jersey?”

“He’s seen ‘Jersey Shore’,” she giggled.  “And he doesn’t want his daughter turning into Snooki.”

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