29 March 2013



Sorry we packed up shop so suddenly.  We love you guys but a lot of things happened at once.

1. Both of us were banned from Facebook for a month and couldn't be bothered making up another set of fake profiles.

2. My (Sara) boss found out about our page(s) and advised, in no uncertain terms, that my employment status would be affected if I kept it up.

3. Baby's mom and sister confronted Baby about our relationship and she told them the truth.

4. Baby's dad was thrilled (Hell must have frozen over) and offered to throw us a wedding if we wanted.

5. We were married on March 15th in NYC and we're leaving for Europe on Monday for two weeks on our honeymoon, thanks again to Baby's dad.

It's been a crazy couple of months to say the least.  We're grateful for all your support and we felt we owed you all an explanation.  We've been debating starting the page up again, albeit a bit different, but we'll figure it out while we're gone.  Thanks again for all your support and friendship.

See you soon!

Sara and Baby

03 February 2013

The odds

Of getting out of bed today are low ... <3

Too much fun

Went to this great Japanese fusion place and had far too much fun.  Shouldn't have had the sake at the end. ;)


Morning.  Going back to bed.

02 February 2013

Curvy girl

Sabrina Hunter

I slept too well

We have to catch the train by five so now it's hurry up to get ready.  The best laid plans ... <3

One of those days

We have dinner plans with friends in the city and I believe it's time for a nap ... <3


chelsea lost 3-2 to newc in the last minute.  have to take my mind off it. ;)

role models

chelsea fc physio eva carnero. smart and beautiful.


and getting my foot fetish thing on. ;)


much as i love doing this there are priorities.  later. ;)

hot twinks for sara

because shes in the kitchen prepping meals for the week. one of the ways i know she loves me is the care she takes in making sure we eat well.

thought for the day

from our friends at Lezbehonest.

its time

to pack a bowl. chelsea vs newcastle in a few minutes. ;)


one of our main ones is to do it with a woman in her late 40s or 50s. i think we both have a mommy complex. ;)

flick of the day

the 'mother/daughter exchange club' series is also one of our faves.  this link goes to episode 4.

guys get the kleenex. girls sit on a towel. ;)

you know

i played soccer on a school team from the time i was 12 until 2 years ago. in 10 years, i never saw one of these in the locker room let alone be asked to join in. ;)

i feel slighted now.  :D


you know what first attracted me to sara.  I wake up to a beautiful lady like this every morning.

she usually has to wake me up though but you know what i mean. ;D

Good luck

;)  She's moving at least.  See you later ... <3


It's our monthly pilgrimage to Fairway.  If you love food and cooking, and you live in the NYC Metro Area, you owe it to yourself to check out a Fairway Market near you

We get there for their opening at 7 am because if you go later it's crowded as a bitch with little old ladies. Time to shake the brat ... <3

01 February 2013

its that time

were getting ready for bed.  have a great night and think dirty thoughts.  thanks for stopping by!

and of course

we have to puff up a fatty before bed.


have another drink. were gonna be like this soon.


mandi manic is a pal of ours from facebook and we would love to get her between us.  what a beautiful lady.

visit her here.


Zoe Holloway is one of our faves too.

And we love

Chloe Vevrier.  She's the big girl of our fantasies.


 She's certainly grown up nicely, hasn't she?

Oh my

What a beautiful ginger ... <3


i read saras story and im in the mood for a big girl. ;)


The trains sucked and the traffic home from the station was just as bad, the crews still cleaning up from the storm.  I'll be posting my story form this past New Year's in a minute and then I have to figure out what we're having for dinner.

It's in the sidebar now under 'Pages'. (link)

thought for the day

my brain hurts

i have to study. i missed stuff yesterday that i shouldnt have and im grateful to one of my friends for sharing her notes. hopefully sara will be home soon to entertain you. ;)

might as well

get all my little fetishes out of the way early. ;)

I get off sucking my own toes. ;)

tell me a story

sara says shes finishing up another story and should post it either tonight or tomorrow.

and ass

i love eating saras ass too.


saras got nice pussy lips that you can play with and bite and pull on.

Morning peeps

Both of us have to be out early this morning; me to the office and Baby to school.  We'll see you later ... <3

31 January 2013


since i was just cruising facebook to drop a link to this place there i came across 2 pics. this one for sara because i think this is how we should dress for our wedding (thanks love and sweetie). ;)

and this one for all the assholes who think our love is less valid than theirs.

good night all.  love ya.


i cant blow off school tomorrow and sara has to be in nyc too so we're getting ready for bed.  have a great evening everybody and thanks for coming by. ;)

in a mood

since we were talking about anal sex techniques with our friends love and sweetie ive been thinking about it so im getting it out of my system. ;)

I know

Most of the guys get all puckered but I love my twinks and it's my page. ;)

I wish

I would have gotten a grip on my sexuality when I was their age.  I was in my twenties before I was with a woman.  There were two girls in high school who I was was so in love with but was too scared to do anything about it.

Soft and sensual

Baby and I love kinky but most of our sex is just slow and easy.  Acrobatics and crazy shit is nice but there's nothing better than being close to the one you love.

Break out the toys

I always pack something with me when I travel.

One more

I have to figure out what to cook and the brat has studying to catch up on.  We'll see you later.  Love you all and thanks for stopping by ... <3

You redecorated

Changed a few things on the page did we?

and feet

and then im gonna smoke a bowl with sara. ;)