Baby and Sara's New Year 2012

We were filled with anticipation as we left the PATH station at the new World Trade Center stop, the giddiness helping us to forget about the cold.  I got us invited to a party being thrown by one of my clients and it was there we would meet up with our unsuspecting ‘victim’.

Stan, my client, is a Broadway producer, a flaming homosexual, and quite fond of the practical joke so there was no hesitation on his part when I asked him to help us.  We invited a woman who was one of Baby’s professors during her freshman year.  She’d asked Baby out at the end of the semester but at that point, Baby had yet to be with a man and the concept of being with a woman was something never considered.  She’d declined and the woman never broached the subject again though they’d kept in touch all these years and she accepted Baby’s invite to be her guest at Stan’s SoHo loft to ring in the New Year.

Danielle was two years short of her fortieth birthday and voluptuous; she had a pretty face with the cutest dimples and wore her blonde hair just above her shoulders.  She was quite sexy and I couldn’t wait to see her without the navy blue knee-length dress.  It all depended on our subterfuge working out the way we planned, with Stan’s help.  Danielle could just as well call the cops and then we’d be screwed but that’s what made it so much fun.

Baby left me at the loft and went to the Starbucks on the corner to meet Danielle and I went into the renovated factory and up to the third floor where I was greeted by Stan, already with a glass of champagne.  “Hi, Stan,” I said before giving him a hug and kissing his cheek.

“Is everything on schedule?” He asked me and I gave him a grin and a nod.  “This is going to be so good.”

“I hope so,” I agreed.  “This is our most daring one yet.” Stan knew of our exploits on New Years’ past. 

He handed me a fluted champagne glass.  “Come; I’ll introduce you around,” and he escorted me into the huge space that was his living room.  One of the best ‘event bands’ in the city was playing old show tunes, set up along the far wall, and two bartenders with carts roamed among the partygoers.  There was the faint smell of marijuana and hashish in the air and, at 9 pm, things seemed to be in full swing.   I recognized some Hollywood and Broadway people before Stan made the introductions and there were about thirty in all.  I’d finished my second glass by the time Baby arrived, Stan going to greet them.

The plan was that Baby and I would act as if we didn’t know one another; the invitation on Baby’s behalf because Danielle was a big fan of Broadway musicals and knew of Stan by reputation.  The possibility of meeting some of the stars she’d appreciated from afar was a temptation not to be denied.  Baby hadn’t advised Danielle of our relationship and had let on that she might want to take Danielle up on her offer from five years previous.  From the look Baby chose, leather pants and boots, and a tight sweater covered by a fur coat, it could be assumed she was prepared for more than just a good party.  Danielle’s eyes were wide as Stan brought them into the room; I was certain she recognized more people than I did.

Stan brought them around as he did for me and he finally got around to where I stood with an actor and his wife whom I’d run into at other events in the city during the course of my work, usually keeping Stan’s crazy ass out of trouble.  I took Baby’s hand after she and Danielle gushed over the actor and then Danielle’s, making eye contact with her and giving her a small smile.  She returned it and I got the feeling she would have been happy going home with me at the end of the party by the way she looked me over.

Baby and Danielle left me as Stan dragged them on to another knot of people, Baby turning to me and giving me a wink over her shoulder.  I winked back and returned to my conversation until I saw someone else arrive and I excused myself.  It was my favorite client, the writer, and his wife and, aside from my pleasure and surprise at seeing them, I had to intercept them before they came upon Baby and Danielle and spoiled the adventure inadvertently.

I noticed Baby and Danielle had found seats on the couch by the time I reached my client and it was all hugs and kisses, and surprise on both our parts the other was here.  It seems his wife also has a thing for Broadway and they’re friends of the actor I was just talking to.  I filled them in, vaguely, on what Baby and I were up to and for them to act as if they didn’t know Baby.  They agreed and I relaxed as we walked over to the actor and his wife.

I stole a look over at Baby and saw she and Danielle had gotten comfortable with each other and were sitting closer together.  When they made eye contact it lingered and the casual touching when they spoke had increased.  To an observer, it seemed they would get even closer before the night was over.  Baby caught my gaze and gave a glance at her watch, the signal that in five minutes the most critical part of the plan was to begin.  Three minutes later, I left the group I was with and headed for the corridor that ran past the kitchen, back to the four guest rooms in Stan’s loft.  I took a seat on the bed in the one at the end of the hall and it wasn’t long before I heard Baby’s voice and they appeared at the door.

“Oh,” Baby said, seemingly startled by my presence.  “We didn’t know you were using this one.”

“Come in, ladies,” I said as I stood, flashing my old Security Police badge.  “I’m with the Internal Revenue Service and you,” I pointed to Baby, “are under arrest for money laundering.”  I locked the door.

“I should go,” Danielle said, worried now.

I pointed to the bed.  “You’ll sit down until I determine you’re not involved with her.  Do you have some ID?”  She reached in her bag and pulled out her driver’s license.  I looked it over and took a picture of it with my phone, pretending to send it to ‘headquarters’ before handing it back to her.

“I want a lawyer,” Baby demanded.

I reached in the pocket of my blazer and pulled out a pair of handcuffs.  “You’ll get these,” I said and made her put her wrists together.  I cuffed her and pushed her back on the bed next to Danielle.

“I can’t go to jail,” Baby cried.  “I want a job with the FBI when I’m done with school.”

“You should have thought about that before you brought suitcases of cash to the Caymans for your daddy,” I smiled.   “You could get yourself out of trouble easily by agreeing to testify against him.”

“I can’t do that to my father,” she shot back.  Baby slid off the edge of the bed to her knees.  “I’ll do anything you want to get out of this.”  She walked on her knees toward me, putting her face to my stomach and kissing it through the fabric of my blouse.

I ignored her and looked to Danielle.  “Why were you two coming back here?”

“We wanted to talk,” she replied before looking away.  “And maybe a little more …”

“You like her?”  I asked.  “You want to make love to her?”

“I guess I’ll never get the chance,” she shrugged, considering me suspiciously.

“Do you want the chance?” I asked her.

Danielle was even more wary now.  She was a psychologist and it was the one part of the plan that was variable.  It was a good possibility she would see right through our little subterfuge.  “You want me to make love to her while you watch in return for her freedom, do you?”

“I’d consider it,” I smiled.

Danielle shook her head as I made Baby get back on the bed.  “You’re no cop,” she said with conviction.  “What’s this about?”

I looked to Baby and gave her a nod.  “My name is Sara and Baby and I have been living together for a little over two years,” I said honestly.  “Every New Year’s Eve we … coerce someone into bed with us.  This year it was you.”  I released Baby from the handcuffs.  “Sorry,” I shrugged.

“Are you mad?”  Baby asked, taking one of Danielle’s hands in hers.

Danielle looked at us both and let a little laugh slip out.  “Flattered actually,” she admitted.  “Nobody’s ever gone through so much to get me into bed.”

“Would you … you know?”  Baby said to her.  “We both find you very attractive.”

“Too bad you didn’t five years ago,” she said to Baby, kissing her tenderly on the lips.

“I was an Irish Catholic virgin at the time,” Baby said with a giggle.  “If I knew what it was all about then, I wouldn’t have turned you down.”

Danielle looked up at me and I gave her a nod as she moved closer to Baby, caressing her cheek tenderly before their lips came together.  Moving to them I ran my fingers through Danielle’s hair, bringing my face close.  Moving her hair aside, I placed little bites on her neck while she and Baby’s kissing became more passionate.  Finding the zipper of Danielle’s dress, I opened it and she allowed me to slide it off her shoulders.  I worked on the buttons of my blouse and then removed my bra when it was off.

Baby’s lips left Danielle’s and found my right nipple.  She suckled at it as Danielle and I kissed, her hand going to my left breast and taking that nipple between her thumb and index finger.  “Pinch it,” I breathed.  “Pinch it hard.”

“You’re one of those,” Danielle whispered to me as Baby turned her attention to Danielle’s bra, letting her pendulous breasts swing free.  Danielle replaced her fingers with her mouth as she took my nipple between her teeth and bit it, causing me to moan with pleasure and feel my loins dampening.

“Get her out of this,” Baby ordered as she pushed Danielle further up the bed.  Danielle’s dress was in a bunch around her waist.  I pulled her dress off and then her shoes before slipping out of my pants and shoes, leaving only my thong in place.  Baby slid Danielle’s panties off and took one of her feet in her hands, bringing it to her mouth.

“Oh …” Danielle moaned as Baby’s tongue explored between her toes.  I knelt next to her and resumed the kiss, our tongues wrestling as I dragged my nails between her breasts and over her cute belly, circling her navel before heading back up.  “You know,” Danielle said, her breathing heavy.  “You didn’t have to go through all this.  All you would have had to do was ask.”

“It’s more fun this way, isn’t it?” I said as I turned my attention to her breasts, squeezing and kneading them before licking the circumference of her areolae and teasing her nipples with my tongue.

“Yeah …” she breathed as Baby took her other foot and loved it the same way, sucking each toe like a tiny cock.  Danielle brought a hand up and began to caress my pussy though the material of the thong as I moved lower with my lips, licking my way down her body.  I stopped at her navel, flicking at it with my tongue before fully French-kissing it.  Moving on, I kissed her all over her belly before heading lower, to her neatly trimmed pubes.  I smiled before I bit her there because she was expecting sex with Baby tonight and her bush had that freshly cut look.  “Put your leg over me,” Danielle said and we got in the sixty-nine position while Baby got undressed.

Running my tongue over Danielle’s slit and taking in her perfumed aroma, I felt her pull away the triangle of fabric that covered my privates, sliding it aside and the string from the thong over one cheek as she used her nails on me lightly, dragging them from my clit to my anus.  “Yes …” I sighed, feeling a drop of moisture fall from the lips of my pussy.  Danielle lapped up my wetness while I used my fingers to spread her labia to gain better access for my tongue.

“She likes it like this,” I heard Baby say as she got on the bed, naked now.  I felt her hands on my backside, spreading my cheeks wide and I knew what was coming.  Baby brought her lips to my asshole and kissed it while Danielle lapped at my clit, alternating with little bites on my labia.  A second later, after I relaxed, I felt Baby’s tongue slide inside, pushing as deeply as she could.

Spreading Danielle’s legs and holding them back with my arms, I gained better access to both her holes and began to lick them both, tickling her anus with my finger when my tongue returned to her pussy and it seemed to open at my touch.  Obviously Danielle was no stranger to anal and allowed me to slide the tip of my finger in her.  I left it there like a butt plug as I massaged her clit and labia with my tongue.  “Oh shit …” I groaned as I felt Baby push two fingers in my ass and began to pump them in and out, spitting on them to keep them lubricated.   Another finger followed and then another and I felt as if she was going to rip me in half.

“Oh god …” Danielle cried and I felt her tense up, her sphincter almost crushing my finger as I lapped at her clit.  “I’m … coming …” and her juices ran, mixing with my saliva as I licked her clean.  She put her arms around my waist and pushed her face into my pussy as Baby continued to fuck my ass with four fingers.

“Come in her mouth,” Baby growled at me while I ground my loins on Danielle’s face.  Baby began spanking me, harder with each slap, and Danielle held me tight, biting down on my clit as Baby spanked and abused my ass.

I felt it then, my body going into convulsions as my orgasm came.  “Oh fuck … shit … fuck …” came out of my mouth, covering Danielle’s face with my fluids.  Danielle and Baby didn’t stop and I came again violently before collapsing, spent and panting. 

Baby pulled her hand out of my ass and came around beside us, pushing me off Danielle and to the other side of the bed.  “I want her to myself,” she grinned as she crawled between Danielle’s legs.  I just lay there in the fetal position and smiled, feeling my lust grow again as I watched them kiss, Baby’s attention returning to Danielle’s huge boobs.  “So you like it in your ass like Sara?”  Baby asked her.

“Be gentle with me,” Danielle said as she looked over at me and smiled.

“Get on top of me,” Baby ordered as she lay back on the bed and Danielle straddled her face.  Baby spread her buttocks as she lowered herself onto Baby’s face, Baby’s tongue going to work as soon as her anus was within range.

Oh …” Danielle moaned as Baby tongue fucked her, using her index fingers to spread Danielle’s asshole to allow her tongue to penetrate deeper.  I couldn’t lie there anymore and got off the bed and went between Baby’s legs, raising them high so I could get to her juicy parts.  Danielle leaned forward and kissed me deeply before we both went to work on Baby with our tongues.  I licked Baby’s ass as Danielle spread her labia with her fingers, exploring the folds and ridges before bringing her tongue to Baby’s clit and Baby returned the favor.

My right hand went to my clit, rubbing furiously, while my other hand went to the back of Danielle’s head, forcing her face into Baby’s pussy.  Baby’s ass seemed to grab my tongue and I knew she was close to coming, Danielle licking her, first hard and fast and then slow and soft.  Baby’s moans were muffled between Danielle’s legs as she worked to get her friend off.

“I’m coming … oh I’m coming …” Danielle whispered as Baby started shaking.  Danielle didn’t stop licking as I held Baby’s legs apart though she wanted to clamp them shut so badly.  Baby sprayed my face as Danielle came on hers.

“Fuck no …” Baby sighed as she felt another orgasm coming, Danielle sticking two fingers inside her.  Mine came too as I masturbated, drawing Danielle to me and kissing her deeply as Baby came again.  “Fuck ...” and Baby released once more.  “No more …” Baby cried as we continued to give her pleasure, making her come once again before letting her catch her breath.

I rose and Danielle climbed off Baby, lying beside her as I came around to the other.  “Thanks,” Danielle said as she kissed Baby and then me.  “That was wonderful.”

“Thank you for understanding,” Baby kissed her again.  “You could have really screwed us up.”

“I was debating playing along with you,” Danielle admitted and looked at me.  “I didn’t know if you were some kind of crazy person or something or I would have.”

“She is,” Baby laughed.  “Would you play with us again?”

“As long as you buy me dinner first,” Danielle joked.  “What time is it?”

Baby checked her watch.  “It’s eleven thirty,” she replied.  “We can still make it for the ball drop.”

“We smell like sex,” Danielle said.  “We can’t go back out there.”

I pointed across the room.  “There’s the shower,” I said.  “Stan thought of everything.”

Danielle considered the two of us.  “You’re both crazy.”

“Happy New Year,” Baby said before kissing us both and heading for the bathroom.

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