29 March 2013



Sorry we packed up shop so suddenly.  We love you guys but a lot of things happened at once.

1. Both of us were banned from Facebook for a month and couldn't be bothered making up another set of fake profiles.

2. My (Sara) boss found out about our page(s) and advised, in no uncertain terms, that my employment status would be affected if I kept it up.

3. Baby's mom and sister confronted Baby about our relationship and she told them the truth.

4. Baby's dad was thrilled (Hell must have frozen over) and offered to throw us a wedding if we wanted.

5. We were married on March 15th in NYC and we're leaving for Europe on Monday for two weeks on our honeymoon, thanks again to Baby's dad.

It's been a crazy couple of months to say the least.  We're grateful for all your support and we felt we owed you all an explanation.  We've been debating starting the page up again, albeit a bit different, but we'll figure it out while we're gone.  Thanks again for all your support and friendship.

See you soon!

Sara and Baby