The Haircut

Coming home from work one day, I thought I’d surprise Baby with a new look.  I usually keep my hair shoulder length, though I change the color regularly.  Today I changed the color again (red/purple my stylist called it) and cut it short, over my ears and squared off in the back; not completely butch but short enough to give people pause.  I couldn’t help grinning when I walked home, thinking how it would blow Baby’s mind.

I took the stairs up to our fourth floor condo and let myself in, thinking Baby was studying and not wanting to bother her.  Not finding her in the vestibule or the kitchen, I walked back to the living room to see her sitting in the easy chair with her tablet.  Baby looked up at me and I could see the new do surprised her; her eyes going wide. 

As I gazed at her, I got the feeling something was wrong.  Usually barefoot and in a sundress around the house, she wore a white silk robe today; the one I gave her last Christmas because her long fire-red hair stood out so starkly against the pure, pristine white.  As my eyes fell noticed the white stockings and white high-heel sandals I brought her back from Milan the past summer.

“Surprise,” I said, giving her a seductive smile, which she didn’t return.

Baby stood and came to me, and I prepared to take her in my arms and kiss her.  When she was within arm’s length, she reached back and slapped me across the face, watering my eyes.  “You fucking whore,” she spat at me.  She slapped me again and I fell to my knees, knowing my stockings were ruined.  “Did I give you permission to cut your hair, you fucking bitch?”

“N-no, Baby,” I said as I wiped a tear away.

“Baby?  I’m not your baby,” she hissed and grabbed my throat.  “What am I, bitch?”

“I’m sorry … Mistress,” I said, staying on my knees and averting my eyes.  “I just wanted to surprise you.”

“With this?”  She grabbed a handful of my hair, jerking me toward her.  “You look like a fucking dyke,” Baby spat before slapping me again.

“I thought you’d like …”

“Shut up,” she ordered as she opened her robe.   The sight of her freckled, naked, pale body combined with the abuse she’d already heaped on me served to jack my hormones up a notch, as if they needed it as it was.  I just wanted to reach up and grab her and take her here on the floor but I thought better of it and kept my hands at my sides while I knelt there.

“Lean back,” she said as she stepped over me and I did.  “Open your mouth,” Baby said as she jerked my head back by my hair.  I did.

I could smell her, the light French perfume she loved mixed with the scent of her.  I stuck out my tongue to lick the place I wanted so.  It wasn’t in Baby’s plans as she grabbed my tongue between her thumb and index finger, causing me to yelp.  “No,” she spat and released it.  “Don’t touch me, you filthy fucking bulldyke.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied and opened my mouth again.

Baby brought her sweet pussy an inch from my face and used her hands to spread her labia.  I felt the warm liquid as she released a tiny dribble of urine in my mouth.  “You better not swallow it, bitch,” she reminded me.  The flow increased and my mouth filled, soon overflowing down my chest and stomach, past the waistband of my skirt and soaking my panties.  She stopped and stepped off me. 

“You’d better not get any on the carpet,” Baby warned.  “That is all you’re worth,” she said as she looked down at me with disgust.  “You’re barely good enough to be my toilet.”

She left me there, on my knees with a mouthful of her pee as she walked to the table and picked up her wine glass, looking me over as if to figure out just how worthless I really was.  Baby took a sip, and then another, before she nodded.  “You can empty your mouth in the bathroom,” she said nonchalantly, “but if you spill any, you will be punished.”

I stood slowly, not using my hands; careful not to spill any more than what was already soaking my jacket, blouse, skirt, and underwear.  I made it to the bathroom and emptied my mouth in the sink, washing my mouth directly from the faucet.  I felt Baby’s hand on the back of my head, getting a grip on my hair again and pulling me up.  She brought my face to hers and licked the wetness from my mouth and chin, stopping to inhale the aroma of her urine on my clothes.

“Take off your jacket and the shoes,” she demanded and I did, tossing it atop the toilet seat.  “Now the gun,” Baby said as I slipped out of my shoulder holster.  She waited as I put the FN 9mm on the vanity after making sure it was safed.  Baby turned her back to me and ran the cold water in the shower full blast before grabbing my hair and forcing me in there.  “Take off your clothes in there, you filthy pig.”

What was once warm piss was now freezing water and I thought I would pass out but I got my blouse and bra off, then unzipped my skirt and stepped out of it.  I started to shiver as I fought with my panties and was shaking by the time I got the last stocking down.  All the while Baby stood there and watched disapprovingly.  “Wash yourself,” she insisted.  “I don’t want piss in the bed.”

I could barely squeeze the shampoo out of the tube and washed my hair quickly.  The soap came next and my hands were shaking so badly from the cold that I dropped it several times.  Finally clean and rinsed off to her satisfaction, she shut the water off.  “Get out here,” she demanded and both hands were on my throat, squeezing my ice cold flesh.  “I could kill you,” she said as the combination of cold and lack of oxygen was getting me light-headed.  Had I not trusted her as much as I do, I would have feared for my life.

“My life is yours, Mistress,” I said, dreamily.  “I welcome death by your hand.”  Truthfully, I wouldn’t mind if the last thing I saw before I died was my beautiful Baby’s face. 

Apparently she didn’t think much of the offer and yanked me along with her down the hall to the bedroom.  I was warming up but I was having real trouble breathing by the time Baby yanked me toward the bed.  She released me and I placed both hands on the bed, bent over at the waist, to steady myself.  Baby put the sole of her shoe on my ass, the spike heel teasing between my cheeks, and shoved me onto the bed where I fell on my back, still gasping for air.

“Put these on,” she said as she threw a set of leather cuffs at me.  I reached for them slowly and she slapped my face again.  “Faster,” she said as she slid the robe off her shoulders, her hand going between her legs as she watched me hungrily.  I fastened them to my wrists and ankles as fast as I could while unobtrusively caressing my clitoris fleetingly and feeling the wetness on the sheets where I sat.

Baby took her riding crop from the closet, the good, rich little Westchester equestrienne that she is and rapped my wrist.  “If you touch yourself again, I will choke you to death,” Baby warned.  “Lean back.”

I put my palms on the bed behind me and leaned back, Baby tapping my cheek lightly with the crop before whipping my left breast and then the right much harder.  I yelped in pain but smiled at her as my pussy began to flow.  Everything else was just preliminary for me, Baby warming up, and now we were getting to where I needed to be.

Baby whipped my chest thrice more and then worked down my belly, quick raps on either side of my rib cage and then some more down the center of my stomach to my black pubic strip.  “Oh god,” I moaned as she tapped my clit lightly, increasing her force by increment as she continued and I felt it.  You know, in your belly and then working outward as you feel yourself beginning to come.  “I’m …” and I arched my back, putting weight on my feet as I raised up, trying to offer my pussy to her and she stopped.

“No, whore, you can’t come yet,” she hissed.

“Please,” I begged; I was so almost there.  “Please, Mistress,” my pleading earned me another slap in the face.

“Lie down,” Baby demanded.  “On your back,” she added as I crawled to the middle of our king-sized bed.  “Faster,” she said.  “Spread your arms.”  She whipped the insides of my arms, the tender places but I knew I couldn’t squirm; Baby expects me to be tough.  I waited until she stopped; gritting my teeth from the pain, knowing my pussy probably looked like a waterfall by now.  I spread my legs and she beat my clit some more, bringing me to the edge once again before she stopped to attach my wrist cuffs to hooks on the headboard.  I was hers now, no way to run, no way to escape the violence, captive to her every whim and the thought of it got me more excited.

Baby crawled on the bed with me and straddled me, her back facing me.  Reaching behind her, she spread her buttocks to give me a full view of her anus, teasing me with it just out of reach.  If I had a free hand at this point, I would have been masturbating furiously, regardless of the beating I knew I’d get.

“Do you want it?”  Baby asked me.

“Yes, Mistress,” I said hungrily, realizing I was panting.  “I want to eat your ass.”

Baby finally agreed and backed up a few inches, allowing me to lick her cheeks and I did, kissing, licking anywhere I could reach.  She came an inch closer and my tongue could just reach her tight hole and I flicked at it with the tip, feeling her muscle tense and release, allowing only minimal access.  She came closer and relaxed her anus, allowing me to penetrate and I was in heaven.  I could feel her juices begin to flow down my neck; she loved when I tongue-fucked her.  And then she sat back, covering my face with her ass, my tongue stuck in her as far as I could.  I couldn’t breathe but I didn’t care at this point, this being my second choice for a way to die.  I felt Baby masturbating, rubbing furiously as I continued with my tongue.  She was whipping her own pussy with the riding crop now, alternating with her fingers, rubbing and pushing them inside.  She began to convulse while she sat on my face and I knew she was nearing release as I was about to pass out.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned and I felt her squirt over my chest and belly.  Baby fell off me as she shook uncontrollably.  “Oh god,” she whispered as she got up, swinging a leg over me and bringing her pussy to my face.  “Clean me,” she said and I lapped at her like a thirsty dog, her juices like an elixir for me as I tried to catch my breath again.  “Shit,” she muttered and I knew she was going to come again.  “Make me come, you fucking whore,” she hissed as I licked at her, slapping my face for effect.  Like she did with her ass, she smothered me, this time grinding back and forth over my face.  “Fuck …” she began to convulse again.  “Make … me … come … bitch …” she demanded but she was already gone, her red mane flying wildly as she threw her head back.  “Fuck!” and she backed off, sliding her greasy pussy over my tits and then my belly.

I smiled because I love how she looks after she comes, her hair unkempt and ravished, stuck to her skin where the sweat held it.  Her blue eyes were glazed and her lips trembled as our eyes met.  “I want to come, Mistress,” I pleaded.  “Either kill me or make me come,” I demanded.  “I can’t take this.”  And I couldn’t, sweating, shivering, every inch of skin tingling as I lay there, totally dependent on my Baby to bring me all the way.  She grew that devious smile of hers; the one that told me things would get a lot more painful before I could come.

Baby got off me and knelt next to me on my left side and took my left ankle in her hands, raising my foot to her face as she took my big toe in her mouth, causing me to squirm as she sucked it like a cock.  She went to each toe and sucked it, licking between them before grabbing a braded leather strap from the nightstand.  It was a foot long with a clip on each end, and she connected one to the cuff on my left ankle and then connected the other end to the cuff on my left wrist.  She did the same thing on the right side, once she was done lavishing her attention on the toes of that foot too.

I was totally at her mercy now, my ankles bound to my wrists that were attached to the bed, spread eagle for her pleasure.  Baby smiled and I knew what she was going to do, pulling the large buttplug and the tube of KY from the drawer confirmed it.  I licked my lips expectantly as she lubed it, being the anal freak that I am, and she brought it to my anus.  The tip itself was the diameter of a golf ball but Baby is merciless and she pushed it into me.  “Fuck,” I moaned, “oh fuck …” the pain was excruciating as it went in halfway, the diameter now the size of my forearm.  “Fuck …” I screamed as she forced it into me roughly, fully, my pussy getting wetter if that was possible.

Baby picked up the crop and whipped my clit again and I felt myself coming, nearing the edge in a hurry when she stopped whipping and began a soft caress of my labia and my clit.  “Oh please make me come, Mistress,” I begged, knowing my pleasure was at a time of her choosing.  I was shaking, the backs of my thighs and claves burning, just a millimeter away from release and she wouldn’t let me.  It was then I felt her stick a finger in me, and then another and another until she had four inside me, palm up as she searched for the spot.  Little flicks of her tongue on my clit sent me into orbit as I was fully filled, my skin on fire from the beating as my loins were from her teasing.  “Make … me … come …” I cried, my breath ragged, coming in gasps.

She yanked her hand out roughly and got her favorite toy, a ten-inch double dildo we fuck each other with when she’s not disciplining me.  Baby sucked the head provocatively before jamming it in my dripping pussy, pumping it in an out roughly.  “Is that what you like, bitch,” she asked me.  “Do you like being fucked in every hole, you pathetic whore?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I gasped as she fucked me frantically.  She was manic, pile-driving me with the dildo, her eyes wide and a bit of drool leaking from the corner of her mouth.

“Fuck … you … you … filthy … nasty … whore …” she said each word in rhythm with the dildo hitting bottom, the next stop my uterus.  Baby jammed it as far as she could into me and left it there, picking up the crop, going back to beating my clit.  It was the beginning of the end as I felt it coming, knowing that even if Baby got up and walked away now I would still come … and violently.

Baby threw the crop away and brought her mouth to my engorged clit, sucking and biting, and I went into orbit.  “God … fucking … damn … it,” I screamed at the top of my lungs as my juices sprayed around the dildo, showering Baby’s face as she bit down on my clit.  “Fuck me …” I moaned before I blacked out for a few seconds.  I came to when Baby pulled the dildo out of me, kissing my labia when it was out.  She pulled the plug out of my ass gently and then released me, allowing me to work out the kinks in my muscles.

She came to me then, crawling on top of me with a devious grin, back to being 'Baby' and not 'Mistress'.  “I love you,” I whispered as she kissed my lips softly while I tried to catch my breath.

“I love you too,” Baby replied with a grin.  “And I love the new hairdo,” she added as she snuggled up next to me.