Baby and Sara's New Year 2011

It was New Year’s Eve 2011 and Baby and I crossed the Hudson to spend the night in New York City; something we determined to make a tradition after the year before.  This year, I made hotel reservations at the A-Loft in Harlem.  No, we’re not part of the Times Square crowd; the tons upon tons of tourists and the fake hipsters from Long Island and Westchester.  And no, we don’t celebrate with confetti either; New Year’s Eve for Baby and me is much the same as a lot of people’s night before Halloween.  It’s a time for us to do crazy things in the sexual arena.  I booked a hotel room because we didn’t want to have to deal with everyone leaving the city in the wee hours and we could go home at our leisure on New Year’s Day.  The other reason being that if what we had planned worked out, we’d need a room close by.

We did our research of the bars and gathering places around Columbia University and we picked one on Broadway near the corner of 125th Street that advertised a discount New Year’s Eve party for those with a student ID.  Yes, I probably have a mother complex because I’m attracted to girls and boys a lot younger than I am (Baby’s eight years younger) but I figure after two tours in a war zone, I probably should be grateful it’s my only hang-up.  I also found there was another bar up the street a few doors, more of an old man place, and that suited our plans as well.

Baby and I were both tingling with anticipation as we walked west down 125th toward Amsterdam, the night warm for the end of December in New York.  I wore a black pinstripe suit, pants instead of a skirt, a silk blouse, and a pair of eight-inch spike-heel pumps needing only my knee-length black wool coat for warmth.  Baby dressed smartly but more like the students in the neighborhood, skinny jeans tucked into leather boots that came to her knee and a tight fitting cashmere pullover sweater with a V-neck.  A leather motorcycle jacket completed her look.  I stopped in front of the old man bar and took Baby in my arms, giving her a passionate kiss.  “How long do you need?”  I asked her.

“About a half-hour,” she replied and kissed me again before heading down the block. 

I went into the old man bar and all eyes turned on me.  There were about ten guys there and the only other woman was the bartender.  I smiled and took stock of them all; you do that as a woman when you walk into a strange place.  Determining that none, or a combination of them, posed a threat, I took a seat at the bar.

“What’ll you have, honey,” the bartender asked me giving me the once over.  I figured she took me for an escort or a high-class hooker.

“I’ll have a Maker’s neat, please,” I smiled at her and she poured the bourbon into a rocks glass.  I dropped a fifty dollar bill on the bar.  “Happy New Year,” I said with a smile which she returned.

“Thank you,” she said as I knocked it back.  “Do you need another?”

“No,” I replied.  “I have to meet a friend up the block.  Thanks again.”  I looked at the guys.  “Happy New Year, all,” and I headed back outside, taking a breath of the crisp, dry air.  I could see my destination and hear the music a hundred yards away and I wondered how Baby was doing with her end.  I walked slowly to give her a little more time, wished a Happy New Year to passersby, and finally made it to the entrance.  Opening the door, I thought my ears would bleed from the volume, most hip-hop isn’t my thing, but then I remembered what an artillery piece sounds like when it fires up close.  It was then I spotted the fiery red hair and smiled.

Baby was a predator, or at least had the skills of one.  I guess it’s what she learned in her psych classes but she had the ability of a lioness, to stealthily get in among the herd of grazing animals and identify the sick, the weak, the young, and the vulnerable.  Baby had those same instincts, basically holding court surrounded by a group of five young men, each with a beer in their hand, gazing at her lustily.  A sixth was seated next to her on a barstool and I knew she’d already identified our ‘victim’.

I looked him over as I approached, catching Baby’s eye and she smiled.  The boy didn’t look more than twenty and he was of certain Asian descent.  My mother is Japanese and can tell Koreans, Chinese, and Japanese apart easily.  I, being a half-breed American, can’t.  A couple of the boys caught Baby’s gaze and followed it, spotting me.  I saw one whisper to the other “MILF” and I smiled.

“Hi, Baby,” I said, coming to her, kissing her, slipping my tongue into her mouth.  I saw one of the boys pull out his phone to take a picture and I turned to face him, pulling my old Air Force Security Police badge and credentials out and pushing it in front of his phone.  I use it to bluff my way past mall cops and low-cost private security, and for times like this.  “Listen, sonny,” I said.  “I’m a federal agent and if you take my fucking picture, I’m going to shove that camera up your ass and disappear you to Guantanamo where you can be locked in a cage with fifty al-Qaeda fighters who haven’t seen a woman, little boy, or goat for ten years.  Do you understand me?”

“Y-yes, ma’am,” he stuttered and the rest of them stepped back.  I winced at being called ‘ma’am’ but I was at least ten years older than the oldest of them.  The kid sitting next to Baby was terrified and she had a bemused smile on her face.  She took his hand in hers and interlaced her fingers with his and that confused him even more.

“Now why don’t you little boys fuck off and see if you can get some of these girlies in here to show you their tits before I shoot you?”  I said to the one with the phone.  I don’t carry a weapon when I consume alcohol but he didn’t know that.

“Y-yes, ma’am,” he said and turned to his friends.  “Come on, leave this crazy bitch alone.”

The one next to Baby went to slide off the stool but my hand on his chest gently stopped him.  “Not you,” I said to him, getting close and kissing his lips lightly.

“O-okay,” he said, mind blown.  I could see he wasn’t going to let himself believe what might happen tonight.

“What’s your name?”  I asked him after glaring at his friends when they didn’t leave fast enough.

“John,” he said.  “John Park,” he took a sip of his beer.


“Yeah,” he said.  “My parents were born there.”

“My mom’s Japanese,” I said.  “I’m Sara and you’ve met Baby,” I gave him a seductive smile before kissing her once more.  “Are you at Columbia?”

“Yeah,” he said with a nod.  “I’m pre-med.”

“A smart, good-looking one,” I said to Baby with a smile.  “You know how to pick them.”

“Pick?”  Young John asked.  “For what?”

“Maker’s neat,” I said to the bartender when he came over and signaled for him to refill Baby and John as well.  I turned back to John.  “To help us ring in the New Year, silly,” I laughed, kissing him and letting my hand fall into his lap.  I felt him stir a bit under my touch.

“You want me to …” he got the idea when I kissed him again and caressed his privates through his jeans.

Baby kissed him then and brought her lips to his ear.  “Our hotel isn’t far,” she whispered.  “Come with us.”

“I …” he stammered.  “I’ve never …”

“You’ve never had a threesome?”  Baby asked in that innocent way of hers.  The bartender arrived with their drinks and I sent him off to get me another Maker’s.

“No,” he shook his head.  “I never …” He took a deep breath.  “The guys took me here to get me … you know … they felt sorry for me …”

I smiled at Baby.  “A virgin too?  You certainly do know how to pick them, young lady.”

“I don’t think …” John began to protest.

“You’ll be fine,” I assured him as my drink came.  “We only bite in the good places,” I took a sip and let my hand rest on his crotch again, my nails absently dragging on the fabric covering his balls while Baby kissed him, forcing her tongue past his lips.  Watching them as I felt John swell, my pussy was warming, the moisture beginning to lubricate my labia and I brought his right hand between my legs.  I made him begin a slight circular rubbing motion, gently, delicately, and he got the idea immediately.

The kissing with Baby was getting intense and I came close to them, biting tenderly on John’s neck.  I felt his cock start to twitch and I stopped playing with him, not wanting him to come in his pants, not wanting him to have to walk out with a wet spot on the front of his jeans.  “Come on,” Baby whispered when she released him.  Her eyes met mine and I knew she was as aroused as I was.  “Let’s go back to the hotel.”

“Come on, John,” I said as I took his hand from between my legs and put his index finger in my mouth, giving it a good suck.  “I need your cock,” I urged when he hesitated.  “Come on,” I took his hand and pulled him off the barstool as Baby threw some bills on the bar.

“Happy New Year,” she said to the bartender and he gave her a wink as we headed for the door.  I caught a glimpse of John’s friends in the corner and I gave them the finger as we left.

“So you guys are a couple,” John asked when we were on the street.

“Yeah,” Baby nodded.  “You’re going to be used tonight,” she told him honestly.  “And you’ll probably never see us again, but you’ll have something to tell your friends tomorrow.”  She reached up and kissed him again.

“Are you really a federal agent?”

“No,” I laughed.  “I do personal security for obscenely rich people but it was the quickest way to get your boys to fuck off,” I explained.  “I hope they’re not too mad,” I said sarcastically.

It was a quick four blocks to Frederick Douglass Boulevard and then a left and we were in the lobby, taking the elevator to the seventh floor.  I pulled the key from my pocket as Baby forced John against the wall, grinding her pelvis into his as she kissed him, yanking his jacket off and opening his shirt.  A tug on her jacket from me bade them to follow me in as she got his shirt off.  I grabbed him and tossed him on the king-sized bed, Baby and I kneeling on either side of him. 

We embraced and kissed passionately, removing each other’s jackets in the process.  We parted to gaze into each other’s eyes and smiled, kissing once more as Baby worked on the buttons of my blouse.  John was a quick study and he took his fingers and masturbated Baby and me through the fabric of our pants, getting us hotter by degree.  He stopped to help me with my blouse and then I felt him caressing my arms.

I broke the kiss with Baby to see him staring, seemingly in awe of my tattoos.  I have three-quarter sleeves and a large ankh on my back.  I pulled Baby’s sweater over her head and John’s face lit up to see her firm breasts swing free, her pink areolae barely discernible from her pale skin and freckles.  “Play with them,” I ordered as I saw Baby nearing her orgasm from his rubbing.  His hands went to her breasts, his index fingers and thumbs finding her nipples.  “Pinch them,” I said.  “Hurt her.”

“Oh yeah,” Baby breathed dreamily as he pinched her nipples roughly. 

I went to work on his belt and then the buttons of his jeans, releasing the pressure from his hard-on, and then pulling them to his ankles.  Baby pulled down his bikini briefs to fully release his erection.  He wasn’t huge but not small either and I lunged for it, grabbing it in one hand and licking around the tip, swirling my tongue over the head.

“Oh shit,” he groaned as I felt him swell even more within my grip.  Baby took the time to lose her boots and then her jeans, leaving her thong on.  She went back to the bed and straddled his face, her back to him so she could watch me suck his cock.

“Eat me,” she ordered as she pulled the fabric away and he lapped at her hungrily.  “Here,” she spread her lips, instructing him where and how she liked it.

I released him and began licking his shaft, up and down, moving lower, to his balls and underneath, taking them in my mouth and letting my tongue play with them while I stroked him in a slow, steady rhythm.  I was going to put a condom on him originally but being a virgin I thought the chance of STD was low and I love watching men shoot all over themselves.  I put my mouth over the head and swirled my tongue around, trying to fuck his pee-hole with it when it swelled again and started twitching.  Taking my mouth from him, I jerked him the rest of the way and he unloaded all over his belly, chest, and the insides of Baby’s legs.

“Oh shit …” he cried as Baby rose off him, letting him catch his breath.

She removed the come from her legs with a finger and brought it to his lips.  “Taste it,” she demanded.  “Suck my finger like a cock.”  John opened his mouth and she put it in, licking it, sucking it the way I just did to him while Baby smeared his semen over his belly and chest.

I pulled off his sneakers and his pants that were bunched up around his ankles.  “Get on your knees,” I told him when he was free.  “Face the wall,” I said as I slipped out of my shoes, pants, and underwear.  Baby crawled into bed and lay in front of him, spreading her legs.  “Eat her,” I told him.  “Make my Baby come.”

I knelt behind him and pushed his head down to her, keeping his ass up in the air.  “What are you going to do?”  He asked over his shoulder nervously as Baby put pressure on his head with the palm of her hand.

“I’m going to get you hard again,” I said.  “Eat her and shut up,” I gave his ass a slap, first one cheek and then the other and I heard him groan with pleasure as Baby pushed his face further into her.  I began to kiss his back, starting at his neck and working my way down his spine, kissing, licking, all the while caressing his balls as his cock hung there limply, twitching occasionally.  He jumped when I got to his ass, running my tongue down the crack, licking his balls before putting his cock in my mouth.  I ran my nails over his cheeks and I felt him start to swell in my mouth again.  I took it in my hand, bringing my attention back to his ass when I heard Baby start to moan.

“Oh god,” she wailed, sliding down to get further onto her back.  She brought her knees up to her chest.  “Eat my ass,” she ordered and she brought a hand to her clit.  “Yes, that’s it,” she coached him as he licked the circumference of her anus.  “Stick it in my ass,” she demanded, relaxing her hole so his tongue could enter.  She had two fingers of one hand in her pussy and rubbed her clit furiously with the other, John holding her legs high.  “Oh fuck … oh god … oh shiiiiit …” Baby cried, releasing her juices in a spray, covering his face as he continued to lap away at her.

He jumped again when my tongue found his asshole and I lavished my attention on it as Baby’s breathing came under control.  She got out of bed and went to our suitcase while I spread his cheeks with both hands.  His anus was already lubricated with my saliva and I ran the tip of my index finger around it, teasing it with the nail.  “Jerk yourself off,” I told him and his hand went to his cock, moaning with his face in the pillow as I brought my tongue back to his man pussy.  I probed it slowly with the tip of my tongue, bringing a finger to it as well.  I pushed the nail in and then the tip; feeling him relax, I forced in to the first knuckle and brought my mouth to his balls.

“I’m going to …” he cried as he pumped his cock. He sprayed all over the sheets when my finger reached his prostate and I continued to lick his balls as they emptied once again.  “Fuck …” he sighed with pleasure, moaning as I pulled my finger out of him.  He fell on his side with a satisfied smile on his face while I took his limp-again cock in my mouth and sucked out whatever was left in him.

Baby returned, having donned her strap on with the long black dildo that I love.  “Don’t worry,” I said when I saw John’s worried look.  “That’s for me.”  I lay next to him and kissed him and spit whatever was left of him in my mouth into his.  He swallowed it hungrily.

He didn’t expect Baby to grab him by the hair and jerk him upright.  “Eat her ass,” Baby ordered, pointing to me.  “Lube it up good because this is going in there.”  She changed the aim of her finger to the big rubber cock that hung from her.  John didn’t need any urging because he went right to me, getting my legs in the air and going for my asshole with his face.

“Yes, John,” I sighed with pleasure as he fairly attacked my hole, liking, lapping, and spitting on it as he lavished it with attention.  “Oh my god,” I squirmed when he stuck his tongue in and he did the same when Baby knelt behind him and tongue fucked him.  “Put a finger in,” I begged as I relaxed my sphincter.  He was gentle and was working too slowly.  I was on fire and couldn’t wait for niceties.  Grabbing his wrist, I forced his index finger all the way in; the pain was exhilarating as he started a rhythm.  “Oh yeah …”

Baby crawled under him and began sucking his cock in an attempt to him hard again, teasing his anus with a finger.  “Put another one in,” I insisted and he did, reaming me with two fingers.  When he was hard, Baby came to me and licked my pussy, John taking it upon himself to slide a third finger up my ass and the sensation was intense.  I felt myself nearing the edge and I let go, my insides knotting up as they sought to expel my juice in Baby’s face.  “Fuck …” I was shaking and convulsing as my orgasm came in waves but Baby didn’t let me relax.  She forced four fingers into my pussy and then slowly worked her thumb in, beginning a rhythm with her fist.  “Oh fuck …” I howled as she bit my clit at the same time and I felt myself coming once more, squiring violently over John’s face as he licked and fingered my ass.

Baby grabbed me by the hair and yanked me off the bed onto the floor.  I didn’t get up because I was still shaking, my limbs doing things I had no control over.  She went to John and yanked him off his knees by his hair, dragging him onto the bed.  “On your back,” she said and he complied.  Baby jerked me up by the hair and forced my face down on his erection.  “Get it good and hard,” she said and I licked him, caressing his balls before teasing his asshole again.  His cock responded and became a steel rod and I tried to get him as far down my throat as I could.  “Get on him,” Baby said and I rose, straddling him and taking his cock in my hand, rubbing it on my clit before shoving him inside, and slamming myself down on him.

“Oh man …” John moaned as he was bathed in my wetness.

“Don’t you dare come,” I hissed at him as I ground into him, beginning a circular motion.  “That’s it, darling,” I sighed as he raised his hips to allow me to impale myself deeper onto him.  “Squeeze my tits,” I breathed and he started kneading me.  Baby knelt next to me and grabbed my hair, bringing my lips to hers while John watched us.  She pushed me down, my face an inch from Johns.  He stuck his tongue out at me and I sucked on it, pretending it was a cock.  Baby got off the bed and came around behind me and I knew what was coming.  My ass had been thoroughly fingered and was still dripping their combined saliva.  Baby would have no mercy.

She knelt behind and I felt the head of the huge black dick against my anus.  A second later, I felt as I was being ripped in half as Baby forced it into me fully.  “Fuck …” I howled from the excruciating, glorious pain, my pussy flooding John’s cock.

“Shut up and take it, bitch,” Baby hissed, spitting on my back.  “I’m … going … to ... fuck … your … ass … ‘til … it … bleeds … you … fucking … whore,” she said on each stroke.  “Does it hurt, bitch?”

“Yes,” I cried as John began to match Baby’s rhythm.  I was filled and I thought I could feel Baby’s fake cock in my throat as both fucked me in unison.  John reached between us and found my clit with his index finger.  It was the end for me and I thought I was going into seizure, my body shaking under the assault, the pleasure/pain extraordinary.  “Oh god …” came past my lips.  “Oh fuck …” I tried to kiss John but I couldn’t focus and I felt my eyes start to roll back into my head.

“I can’t …” John screamed as I felt him swell and then hose down my insides with his seed.  Baby continued to pound into me and John kept up on my clit with his fingers.

“No … no … no …” I wailed as my orgasm came again and gushed all over John’s cock and pubes.  At the same moment, Baby ripped her rubber cock out of my ass in one stroke and I squirted some more.  I lay there on top of John; he was still in me and he put his arms around me and hugged me close until my shaking subsided.  Baby came around and put the head of her dildo against my lips and I opened my mouth, letting her face-fuck me slowly.  She took it from my mouth and brought it to John’s and he let her do the same to him.

“Happy New Year,” Baby grinned and kissed us both.

“Was this a dream?”  John asked tiredly.  “I feel like I’m going to wake up in my bed, alone, in a minute.”

Baby snuggled up to us and kissed his cheek.  “Could you think of a better way to lose your virginity?”

“No,” he grinned.

“Thank you for playing with us,” Baby said to him before we all drifted off to sleep.  “We loved it too.”


  1. oh my goodness ;)...ladies both of u are amazing god damn that got me a lil wet...Ms.T

  2. Wow, just wow! With all my exploits, I'm still so envious of you both. You are my Sheroes! Reeze :)