31 January 2013


since i was just cruising facebook to drop a link to this place there i came across 2 pics. this one for sara because i think this is how we should dress for our wedding (thanks love and sweetie). ;)

and this one for all the assholes who think our love is less valid than theirs.

good night all.  love ya.


i cant blow off school tomorrow and sara has to be in nyc too so we're getting ready for bed.  have a great evening everybody and thanks for coming by. ;)

in a mood

since we were talking about anal sex techniques with our friends love and sweetie ive been thinking about it so im getting it out of my system. ;)

I know

Most of the guys get all puckered but I love my twinks and it's my page. ;)

I wish

I would have gotten a grip on my sexuality when I was their age.  I was in my twenties before I was with a woman.  There were two girls in high school who I was was so in love with but was too scared to do anything about it.

Soft and sensual

Baby and I love kinky but most of our sex is just slow and easy.  Acrobatics and crazy shit is nice but there's nothing better than being close to the one you love.

Break out the toys

I always pack something with me when I travel.

One more

I have to figure out what to cook and the brat has studying to catch up on.  We'll see you later.  Love you all and thanks for stopping by ... <3

You redecorated

Changed a few things on the page did we?

and feet

and then im gonna smoke a bowl with sara. ;)


i have to pack a bowl and get saras head out of those dress catalogs. hello? ocd?  ;)

im in a mood

ive been on a big girl thing since i woke up. i must have been dreaming of our new years adventure with my freshman psych prof. i have to bust saras stones to write that story too. it gets me hot thinking about it. ;)

It would be easier

If one of us was a man.  Just going over things we picked up yesterday and I have no idea what look we want.

Baby doesn't wear suits so the choice is for me to make.  Do I wear a suit or do a gown like Baby.  Gah.

Another ginger

I've been slacking off.


is what happens in a war zone? ;) splain it to me sara.


and nice ink too. ;)

thats the spot

Why do I feel

I'm going to be writing the story of Baby's coming out sooner than I think? ;)


big sister F calls because she was worried about us in the storm. then the subject comes around to her and moms investigation. have i ever seen sara go out with men or with girls? did she ever come on to me? so im sick of this shit and asked her if she ever thought that the two of us could be fucking up a storm while the 3 of them are playing csi.  one of the few times a mctavish girl was ever speechless. :D

she thought i was kidding but i bet shes already on the phone to mom and middle sister S. i bet they have a conference call set up. :D

thought for the day

mind if i smoke

while you eat? ;)


id crawl right in there with her.

i guess im on a big girl thing today. :D


I love watching gay boys fuck ... <3

Oh my ...

its windy and rainy

what better time to snuggle up between 2 big girls?

Good song for the morning


LONDON – David Beckham is set to make a move to French soccer heavyweights Paris Saint Germain, according to media reports. 
The BBC and Associated Press reported on Thursday that the 37-year-old English player is on his way to Paris to complete a medical exam and that Beckham will appear in a press conference in the French capital later Thursday.

have to get a new psg shirt! ;) i have his ac milan and la galaxy shirts.

At the least

Power stayed on long enough to make coffee ... <3

Fuck it

There's a tree down up the block and the power has been going on and off.  Big delays on the trains so the brat said fuck school this morning ... <3

A dark and stormy night

Wicked wind and rain this morning and the lights are flickering already.   If we're not around for a while, you'll know why ... <3

30 January 2013


im gonna drag her to bed by the hair and fuck her senseless. have a good night everybody. thanks for stopping by! :)

thought for the day

when in doubt.

ball gags

because when you live on the top floor of a condo full of old people i cant have sara screaming when im fucking her ass. one of them might call the cops ;)


were gonna do this too.

fucking chelsea blew a 2-0 lead against bottom of the table reading in stoppage time to draw 2-2. guess what im doing to sara tonight. ;)

The game

Is almost over so you know where I'm going so I don't hear any whining ... <3


There is football (soccer) during the week now. :P


were back from the bathroom place and im more confused than i was before.  smh.  im in the mood for a big girl.


Have to do some grocery shopping after I get the brat and then we're going to look at bathrooms.  See you later.  Thanks again for visiting us here ... <3


I didn't unpack completely from the Switzerland trip and I packed carry-on for Chicago.  Now I have to unpack both ... <3

A little behind

I have expense reports to do.  I didn't have time to do the one from Switzerland last week and now I have the latest one from Chicago ... <3

More ginger

Because if one is good, two are better ... <3

Ginger shortage

Far be it Baby posts any gingers while I'm gone ... <3

Call me strange

I can't stand his music but he gets me hot.  It gets me hotter fantasizing about Baby fucking his ass with her strap-on. <3

Busy day

Since Baby made an appointment with a wedding planner this evening and we'd be running around anyway, I made an appointment with the designer at the kitchen and bath place for this afternoon when I get her from the train.  Unfortunately, I can't find out where these ladies work. <3

So it seems

Baby has been doing a lot of thinking while I've been traveling around and is determined to come out to her family after school ends in May.  I love her more than she knows for making the decision, I just hope she's prepared for the consequences if they're not accepting of it.  We'll get through it regardless. <3


Taking the brat to the PATH.  Back later ... <3